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This form is for Real Food (Bay Area) CSA customers who are dropping off bottles and/or jars during the week shown below. In order to receive a refund for your returns, please complete the form below, and be sure to adhere to our bottle/jar return policy (noted below).  
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Returns for the week of Jul 18, 2016
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Real Food (Bay Area) CSA Bottle Return Policy: In order to receive a refund from Real Food (Bay Area) please adhere to ALL the following steps:  
  • Wash out all bottles/jars and lids thoroughly, making sure there is NO milk/cream/food left inside. (Note: we don't want to attract bugs or animals to our host locations).
  • For ALL jars/bottles, place the lid back on each bottle and write your name clearly on the lid. This will be the only way that we can match your refund up to your bottles/jars. DO NOT write on the bottles/jars themselves, as they cannot be reused.
  • Make sure bottles are not chipped, as we will not give refunds for bottles that cannot be reused.
  • Please return Claravale/RFBA bottles in multiples of six. This is to make our driver's job in tallying the Claravale/RFBA bottles as quick as possible. If you have fewer than six Claravale/RFBA bottles please wait until you have accumulated six and then return them. If you have more than a multiple of six, please only return the full multiple of 6 (6,12,18, etc.), and return the rest when you have accumulated more. Non-Claravale/RFBA bottles/jars can be returned in any amount.
  • Place bottles/jars into empty milk crates at your drop location. If they do not fit in the milk crates, please put them in the empty coolers. DO NOT leave them in bags or just sitting out.
  • Enter your bottle/jar returns online the same week as you return them. You DO NOT need to enter them on the sign in sheet on the back of the sign out sheet, unless you do not have internet access.
  • Bottle deposit returns will be credited to your account once a month by the 15th of each month, for the previous month's returns. If you have a standing order, the amount will be credited towards your next order. If you do not have a standing order, you will be sent a code to enter into your next order to receive credit.
  • You will be refunded $2.00 for each Claravale or RFBA bottle returned and $1.50 for each TSH or Other type of bottle/jar returned.
  • All Refunds are given at the discretion of Real Food (Bay Area).